Möller Verbindungselemente GmbH
Johannes-Flintrop-Straße 68
40822 Mettmann

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About us

The Möller Karabinerhaken GmbH founded in 1979 was converted 1999 into

Möller Verbindungselemente GmbH after taking-over by the Kircher Group.


We can review at a know-how of nearly 30 years of wholesale, import and export.


We are a wholesale enterprise which has specialized on the import of small metal goods. We have partly famous partners in the most different countries. Due to the partnership to these enterprises we are able to offer standardized as well as customized special requests.


We can commit many customers since long time by our quality, our customer-centered action, the attractive price setting as well as our good services.


By reason of our own, structured storage system we are able to serve our customers „precisely in time“. Thereby partly considerable warehouse charges can be saved on your side. In addition, at bigger demands, we offer our customer to place call orders to guarantee the hundred percent price- and stability of delivery for a longer period.


Because our minimum order values are very low, every craftsperson is able to order

our products easily.


Your Möller team