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About us

About us
Möller Karabinerhaken GmbH, founded in 1979, was taken over by the Kircher Group in 1999 and renamed Möller Verbindungselemente GmbH.
We can look back on almost 30 years of know-how in wholesale, import and export.
We are a wholesale company which is specialized in the import of small iron goods and has some well-known partners in various countries. Due to the partnership with these companies we are able to offer standardized as well as individual customer wishes tailor-made.
Many customers we can bind to us for a long time by our quality, our customer-oriented action, the attractive pricing and our good service.
Due to our own, structured warehouse system we are able to supply our customers "just-in-time". This means that you can save considerable storage costs. In addition, we offer our customers the option of placing call-off orders in case of higher demand in order to guarantee 100% price and delivery stability over a longer period of time.
Since our minimum order values are kept very low, it is possible for every commercial person to purchase goods from us.

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